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Pokemon Go

How to Profit from Pokémon Go as a BloggerIf you’re a blogger and you haven’t found a way to tie into the latest Pokémon Go craze, you may be missing out on a lot of traffic and fun way to interact with your audience. You can easily work this latest trend into just about any niche. Let’s run through a few examples to give you some ideas and hopefully inspire you to explore this topic for your own blog.

Share Your Own Experience & Motivation

If you’ve been playing, share what you’ve learned and why you decided to play. Include some screenshots of Pokémon as you catch them for an easy and visually attractive post. For example, if your blogging about weight loss and getting healthy, you may want to share how playing this game has made you go outside more.

If you’re a parent blogger, you could share how you’re having fun with the kids playing the game. If you’re a business blogger, you may want to share some interesting strategies on using the app to grow your business. If you’re a food blogger, come up with some fun character inspired recipes. The possibilities are almost endless. Continue reading

Use Pokémon Go to Attract More Foot Traffic to Your Brick and Mortar BusinessPokémon Go is the latest crazy hitting the country and as a savvy business owner, you can take advantage of this app to drive more traffic to your local business. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the game and chances are you’ve seen people in your town and in your neighborhood walking around looking at their phones, trying to catch Pokémon.

The fact that they are walking around is good news for your business. The bad news is that their eyes are looked on their screens. The challenge is how to take advantage of this increase in foot traffic and turn it into more paying customers. The solution is engaging in the gaming craze in a smart way.

Quick and Easy – Lure Them

One of the easiest things you can do is lure Pokémon to your store location, let people know about it and then watch the customers pour into your premises. This seems to work particularly well if you’re a food and drink establishment where customers can grab a quick snack and cold drink before heading back outside. That being said, since almost everyone is playing Pokémon Go, you can make it work for just about any product. Continue reading