Internet Marketing for Older Adults

Fake It 'Til You Make It--The Good and The BadYou’ve heard the expression “fake it ’til you make it”, right? This is often touted by marketers who are doing that very thing. They think it’s a O.K. to deceive, will even tell you how to do it, and they practice what they preach. Many claim to be experts and will gladly market a product that will teach you how to become an “instant expert” on something you may know very little about. (Or, actually, to make it appear that you are an expert to the unknowing masses.) But when is faking it getting awfully close to down right fraud?

Some tweet about their product on how to get a gazillion Twitter followers while they only have a few hundred followers themselves. They ask a question in the Warrior Forum about how to convert their list while at the same time have a signature line with a link to their product about successfully selling to your list.

This type of fake it ’til you make it is not a good way to do internet marketing (or any other business endeavor I can think of). How can people do this? Not only do they look silly when caught as in the two obvious examples above, but how do they sleep at night?

On the other hand – I think there’s a different version of fake it ’til you make it that’s okay. This type is personal and has everything to do with bolstering self-confidence and creating a professional image from the inside out. It’s not meant to trick anyone to get them to buy your products.

What you do is set up your home office so it looks like a professional works there (put away the kids’ crayons), and you dress for success. You schedule things on your digital calendar and give yourself deadlines. You act the part so you feel the part. Having the confidence to take action can never been underestimated. Act as if your success is in the here and now, even though it still may be in the birthing process. That minor effort will greatly assist in the actual manifestation a of your success!

You could even call this Law of Attraction kind of stuff. A story comes to mind from The Secret where a woman began acting as if she was already in a relationship with a life partner. She started parking on one side of the garage, slept on one side of the bed, and moved her clothes over to “her” side of the closet. She was literally making space for that special person. This version of fake it ’til you make it is more like pretending you already have the thing that you desire. It does actually create the space, physically and energetically, for that something to appear and take residence in your life.

Instead of being one of those bozos who lie about their income and success, I feel much more comfortable acting professional, exuding confidence, over-delivering and building up my business this way. I guess that means I should change out of my pajamas when I’m at the computer, ya think?

Have you had any kind of similar experience in manifesting something into existence in your life? Please share!