Internet Marketing for Older Adults

I, Leila Rhoden, was in my mid-fifties when I decided to learn about internet marketing. Fortunately, now there is much more information geared for the older crowd who are embarking on a second career in IM. Therefore, I am publishing information that will help you – as an older adult – get a leg-up on getting online without having to spend a fortune.

If you’re just now checking the possibility of you starting a blog or an online business, read A Second Career for Senior Citizens for some basic reasons for and benefits of pursuing a new career or side hustle. Also, I’ve published a lot of articles & special reports that will give you more in depth information about the many benefits of going online to create and/or supplement a good income for your later years – and how to do it.

In addition to useful information on how to get started online, I may provide you links to exceptional products & services that I highly recommend and probably use or have used in the past. (Believe me, not all products & services pass Leila’s litmus test!) Some of these may be free and others are not. On the paid products, I may or may not make a percentage of the sales price as an affiliate of that particular product.  After all, that is what affiliate internet marketing is all about!

However, if I really like a product and find it useful, I will offer it to you even if I don’t make an affiliate commission on it. (By the way, the FTC or Federal Trade Commission requires us to disclose on our websites the fact that we marketers may be receiving a portion of the money received from special offers and products–digital and otherwise–that are featured or advertised on our website.)

So again, Welcome! Come in and stay awhile and come back often as I will be frequently posting new information.

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Internet Marketing for Seniors