Internet Marketing for Older Adults


You may have tried hard to make a go of online marketing and just can’t get to the point where you can say you’ve reached true success. While online marketing isn’t complicated, it is a process which you have to learn – and keep learning.

Technology today is ever-changing and unless you keep up, you’ll be lost or not taking advantage of all the developments that come along constantly to help you succeed. If you have a mindset that you’ll keep on doing what you’ve always done and refuse to learn or change, it can cause you to stand still. In the online marketing world – that’s not good.

Or, you may be implementing every new strategy that comes along and still get no traction in your online business. The problem may not be the strategy or how you use it – but you may be trying too many new things rather than concentrating on the business models that can serve you best.

Another reason marketers find themselves spinning their wheels is fear. When you’re afraid to do a podcast or interview – or even a video for your followers – you’re lessening the impact you could be having on your online business. Continue reading

What is it about getting to the edge of realizing success and then falling off the edge into oblivion before you get there? Many Internet marketers find this happening to them and don’t understand why.

There are a few reasons why this might happen to you. You may have made the choice to succeed, but didn’t really define what success meant to you. It can also be how you look at success – for example, do you think you ‘win’ success or that it’s earned?

If you think you win success, you may not work as hard to reach it. Success to you might be the luck of the draw. If you believe that you have to work for success, you’re more willing to work hard and take advantages of all the opportunities you have to reach it.

Here are five other ways that Internet marketers fail just as they’re primed to reach the pinnacle of success:


1 – They have the wrong idea of what work is.

Depending on your definition of work, you may think a ditch digger works harder than a secretary. But, you can’t compare types of work by only one criterion. You must consider whether it’s mental or physical labor. Have you ‘worked’ as hard as you need to for success? Continue reading