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Green Business Ideas

Herb Gardening for MoneyThere are so many things that you can make or grow at home that can actually bring you some income. Herb gardening is one of these things, especially when it comes to high quality culinary herbs. They are easy to grow, take up little space, and people are always on the lookout for great herbs.

What Herbs to Grow

Popular in Your Area

To be successful in selling your herbs, you want to make sure that you are offering a product that is in demand in your area. Take a look at your potential competition, grocery stores, and other places where herbs are being sold and pay attention to what herbs are most in demand.

What Grows Well

Learning what herbs will grow the best in your area will also be helpful when planning out your herb garden. Do your research before you begin and figure out if you are going to be growing indoors or outdoors, and how to set up your herb garden for maximum production. Continue reading

Green App DeveloperIn this world of smartphones and computer technology, there is an app for almost everything. People come up with new ideas and develop new applications every single day, for a huge array of different ideas and purposes. Lately, as the environmental movement gains ground with the public as well as with the government, there has been a huge push to come up with great environmentally helpful apps.

Great Ideas Can Sell

Whatever your great green idea may be, you can really make a lot of money by developing apps like this. Governments and people everywhere are looking for ideas for how to help people live green, especially if it saves them money as well. Even at just 99 cents or the few dollars that most apps sell for, these tend to be extremely lucrative. Your idea could be your ticket to living comfortably.

Popular Ideas for Green Apps

These are ideas that have already been developed. The majority of these ideas have multiple versions as people have come up with ways to expand upon what is already available. The entire idea, after all, is to help other people find ways to be more environmentally friendly, or to help them create less waste or environmental impact. Continue reading