Internet Marketing for Older Adults

Traffic Generation

Too Good to Be True? Traffic Methods to Avoid and WhyThere are people who will give you tips to increase traffic to your website who don’t care if you ruin your entire business. All they care about is that they sold you an information product that “works”. Sure, these traffic-getting tips work, but only until you get caught. Then your business will be ruined because Google will block you out, and people will feel lied to.

Keyword Mistakes

Avoid targeting keywords that aren’t relevant to your audience, the products or services that you offer. You also don’t want to overuse keywords, even if they are good, relevant keywords. This is called keyword stuffing. Keywords need to be included in all aspects of your website, but you don’t want the keywords to sounds silly, or look forced. Shoot for less than two percent keyword saturation for any one page on your website.

Link Farming

In the old days, setting up mini sites that had links linking back to your main site was standard SEO practice. However, today, this will get you dinged by the Google Gods. Google’s algorithm weeds out link farms. Today, your blog should be on your website. Putting relevant content right on your website is going to be the most useful place for original content. Continue reading

Relationships: The Biggest Traffic BuilderYou’ve heard people say that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that gets your foot in the door. Well, that’s also true for marketing. One of the most effective forms of marketing is relationship marketing. This type of marketing involves branding and positioning by building relationships with your audience to the point that they cannot see any other person to buy the product or service from. Hopefully!

Building relationships online involve getting active on social media, getting involved in the discussions on blog posts, and truly opening your ears and listening to your audience for keys to what they want. Once your audience feels heard, you’ve built a long-lasting relationship with them that will be hard to break.

Some relationship building strategies that work are:

Keeping in Touch with Customers

You have an email list of customers – it’s important to use it. Don’t just ask them to sign up and then ignore them. Keep in touch with your customers by sending them periodic updates about what you’re doing, sales, and just interesting facts. What’s more, if you don’t use your email list they might forget they even signed up and accuse you of spamming them when you finally do send something. Don’t make that mistake; keep in touch from day one. Continue reading