Internet Marketing for Older Adults

Your Website

No matter what people think, the website is still your most important digital asset when it comes to digital marketing. In fact, as has been touted for years, your website is the center of your entire online marketing endeavor. Everything you do should seek to send people straight back to your website, and then on to an email list. The main reason why your website is the most important is that you own it.

Social Media Can Be Gone Tomorrow

It’s not likely, but any one social media account could change drastically when you wake up in the morning. It can go from free to paid, it can also change the rules, and so much more can happen. All the hard work you put into building up that social media network with content and engagement could be all for nothing tomorrow.

You Own It

If you have a self-hosted website (whether it’s built with WordPress platform or another builder), as long as it’s self-hosted on a server you rent, you can move it and use it how you want to without interference or worry from someone else telling you what to do. Even if you lose all social media accounts tomorrow, your website will still be there. Continue reading

There are many things to consider about building a website. Once it’s built it’s not over. You have a shiny new website, but if you’re not careful it can become a nightmare. How secure your site is depends on the choices you’ve made before, during and after it’s built and published.

1 – Choose the Right Platform – There are many different types of website builders, content management systems (CMS), and platforms on which you can build your website. Choose one that is popular, used by most people in your niche, and that has a lot of security options. A good choice is self-hosted WordPress.

2 – Pick the Right Web Host – Another issue that often comes into play is the web host. This is where your files will be stored. How safe and secure their servers are is very important. If there are holes so that hackers and scammers can enter into your site, it can ruin your entire business reputation. Choose carefully. Two good choices are and

3 – Design It Right from the Start – Take the time to understand about security issues before you even start to design your website. What you name the database, the passwords you choose, and the navigation choices all matter. Continue reading