Internet Marketing for Older Adults

Internet Marketing for Seniors

Looking for Something to Fill Your Time? Try Online Marketing!Seniors who are bored and tired of retirement often turn to starting a new business as a way to keep happy and busy. Unfortunately, startup costs of offline businesses can be astronomical and most seniors are afraid to sink their retirement income into a business that might fail.

That’s why more seniors are turning to online businesses to fill their time, make extra income, learn new things and make friends. Seniors have years of experience they can put into use in online marketing – for very little startup costs.

The only thing you need to begin an online business is a computer and Internet connection. There may also be some added costs for a domain and hosting, but they’re nominal and easily affordable.

It also helps to have a basic knowledge of computers and the ‘net, but if you have the determination to learn, it won’t take long to maneuver your way along the web. Starting an online business can be stimulating and enjoyable, keeping your brain active and sharp. Continue reading

Baby Boomers Love the Freedom that Comes with Being an Online EntrepreneurBaby boomers are unique in history. Most are refusing to retire like their ancestors – accepting the gold watch and then reclining in a chair for the rest of their lives. Boomers are active, both mentally and physically, and are leaving their own footprints on the world.

Best of all, boomers are enjoying the innate freedom that comes from being an online entrepreneur. At approximately 80 million (and growing), boomers are meeting their retirement years with entrepreneurial mindsets.

They’re using the computer and the ‘net to restart their lives and supplement their incomes. The freedom they enjoy stems from having more time to devote to other pursuits besides work and focusing on making money for their retirement.

Instead, they’re making money and concentrating on building businesses that they can be proud of and learn from. These new retirees are used to making an impact on the world in which they live and now they’re redefining retirement by becoming successful online entrepreneurs. Continue reading