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Using Graphics On Your Website

Web graphics engage the imagination, create appeal, and even affect cognitive skills. There are simply some elements that don’t convert to words and the proper graphics can visually express them. Your graphic design choices need to match the web design, site content, and types of clients. Online competition is fierce and it’s getting fiercer every day that goes by. Your focus should be in pioneering graphic design elements that will be effective. The graphics you choose to use in combination with the style and size of the text font will present the flavor for your site. It will give your website its own personality, its own look and feel. It can be, serious, fun, or warm and inviting. When graphics are used right you can stand out from the competition. But before going graphic crazy there are some things you need to know.

There’s a lot of creative images on the internet and you might do a right click and save without thinking much about it. The problem is that if you use these images on your website, you may find yourself facing copyright infringement. Always check the license use on any image you download. Many graphics are free to use on non-commercial sites but not on commerce and business sites. Use only those images that are royalty free unless you have permission from their owner to use them. You can purchase quality, royalty free graphics, vectors, and photographs from a number of websites.

There can be too many images on the page ruining the experience, so you’ll need to find a happy, medium. Too many images can actually turn visitors away. The graphics you place on your web page should serve a function. There is no question that there are thousands of cool and impressive graphics but unless they serve a purpose there’s no value to putting them on your site. Graphics are used to improve website functionality–not to distract from it.

Graphics used in the header of your site should be visually pleasing and give the visitor a good idea as to what your site is about. When your website is a business design, you need to focus on the content of your pages and the overall message they project. You need to ensure the images you use are appropriate and reflect your business values correctly. If you do not present your image appropriately to the audience you are targeting, it could be more detrimental than helpful.

Photos are popular on websites because they can make a page friendly and inviting. Also, Google loves images and all posts should have at least one photograph or graphic that reflects the subject of the article.  Usually, they are a thumbnail sized image and not very big. When images are too large they can be too slow to load and they can also take away from the text. The purpose of the image is to help convey an idea relating to the content. When the image takes up too much of the screen, the visitor can be distracted missing the purpose of the site.

It is very important to include a picture of yourself somewhere on the site–either in the header or in the content area of the front page, or, at least, insert one on your About page. This will let your visitors know that you are a real person and will help build trust and loyalty in you and your offers.

Knowing how graphics can hurt your website as well as help your website will help you to build your website in a manner that keeps your visitors interested in what your website has to offer. There are things that work and things that don’t when it comes to images. Quality is important. Choose an image that is of good quality. Never use images that are unclear or that do not look professional. After all this is your company that’s being reflected. For a professional looking page, match your fonts on all navigation buttons. Your graphic images should match your website colors and typefaces.

There are a number of different types of graphics you can use on your website. Navigation buttons are used to help your visitor comfortably move around your site. They should be easy to read and you can include a small image. Background images can add visual appeal to a website but they can be bothersome if you aren’t careful used.  There is nothing worse than trying to read text on a graphic that almost makes it invisible. Visitors are very quick to hit the back button if it makes their eyes hurt.

More and more webmasters are recognizing the value of using graphics on their websites to maximize business. That’s because using the right graphics can improve the appearance of the site and motivate a visitor to act. Using web graphics on your site is a smart business move. For the most part, all business marketing involves graphic images. Today’s world involves digital images. They are everywhere. Images and graphics are key to telling your story to the world.

Business graphics are powerful tools that are sometimes overlooked. You will need to decide where you will undertake graphic design projects on your own, or to hire a professional that has experience in working with graphics. Your images will enhance your story, whether that story, your advertisement, your press release, and any other written correspondence your company partakes in.

The role of graphics expands even further. Graphics are a powerful tool in increasing sales. There are many studies that have been done showing how top quality graphics that are placed properly on the website and with the text appropriately placed will enjoy a significant increase in the length of time visitors remain on your site. Graphics are very important to your online business.

Your logo is an important part of the graphic design of your business and website. Your logo identifies you, and people begin to remember it over time. A logo gives your company a symbolic identity that helps them stand out from the crowd, and it’s often referred to as branding. Your professional graphic design can be used on your websites, letterheads, flyers, and business cards. Title graphics called mastheads will often include your logo and it is a good way to get recognition for your site. Use something unique that will stick in the minds of visitors.

You should also not place an image just to place one. Too often, a business will grab an image just to place an image in their story. That’s not a good idea. You want your graphic or photo images to be relevant. When you do this, you’ll discover a much higher readability from the beginning to end of your story.

Remember, when you use professional graphics on your website, your site will look more professional. And when you use low quality graphics, it can have a negative effect. Rather than using blurry or other graphics that are simply not good, don’t use any at all. Visitors will judge your website by the quality of the graphics whether you like it or not – it’s just the way it is. Save money elsewhere and keep your budget for quality graphics – it’s worth every penny! If you look like an amateur you’ll be treated like one – people are leery about dealing with amateur companies.