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Top WordPress Plugins to Help You Be HeardIf you want to create a brand online that will help you to reach a large audience and make yourself heard, then you need to use WordPress. There is absolutely no question that WordPress is the very best platform for blogging and that’s thanks to the fact that it is free, incredibly customizable and very powerful.

WordPress is used by most of the top brands on the web, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, and it is completely freely available for anyone to install.

What’s more is that WordPress is endlessly expandable thanks to free themes, free plugins and more that can make it more powerful. No other platform for blogging is as well supported by tools, plugins and the community so you’re just making life harder for yourself if you choose to use anything else.

Once you’ve built your WordPress site, you can start to get a taste for its true power by taking advantage of some cool plugins. Here are a few that are highly relevant to getting yourself heard and making a splash online… Continue reading

WordPress Marketing ExplainedOne of the best things you can use for the success of your online business is WordPress marketing. WordPress got its start in 2003, and was used mainly by bloggers. Since that time it has become one of the most popular tools for building a website. Sure, bloggers still use it, but so do a growing number of website owners.

WordPress has changed internet marketing by making it easier for people to quickly set up websites. The WordPress platform is free and easy to install. You don’t need to know any coding to be able to use it, though some knowledge of CSS will allow you to make alterations to your site. However, there are so many themes (website designs) and plugins (add-ons that do different things) for WordPress that you may not ever need to go into the CSS anyway.

One of the main reasons for the success of WordPress is that it is open source. This means anyone can access the source code and develop products for WordPress. So, instead of just relying on the WordPress development team to figure out what users want, the users themselves can decide, and then create the themes and plugins that fit their needs. Continue reading