Internet Marketing for Older Adults

The Warrior Marketer

The majority of people who try and make money online do so because they wish to quit their day job. They hate the commute, the lack of freedom, their unreasonable bosses, their backstabbing colleagues… and the list of woes goes on.

It all seems so nice to be able to work from home. No commute. Freedom to do what you want, when you want.

Nobody to boss you around. It’s fantastic.

The big question is… When do you quit your day job?

Many marketers make a huge mistake here and quit their day job too early. They decide to give internet marketing their full attention and it’s either make it or break it.

The hard truth is that most people break it and fail on an epic level. They end up broke, in debt and finally end up getting another job. They feel bitter and give up on internet marketing.

What they don’t realize is that they could have made it if they only knew when to quit their day job… and this article will tell you when the right time to quit is. Continue reading

There’s a saying that goes, “Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.” This is very true and when you’re trying to build a business, facing problems, hiccups, disappointments and other ‘turbulence’ is unavoidable.

Most people quit and run the other way once things seem to not be working out. They lose hope and throw in the towel. They do not believe success is within their reach and they assume that it’s not possible.


Because they’ve lost faith. There is no other explanation for this. A loss of faith in one’s self is the number one reason most people quit on themselves. The promise isn’t clear to them so they’re not willing to pay the price.

However, to those people who single-minded and cannot see anything but themselves reaching their goal will often weather the storms and obstacles to get to where they want to go… and they almost always reach their goals.

Faith is of paramount importance. The 5 tips listed below will help you shore up your faith when doubts come knocking on your door. Continue reading