Internet Marketing for Older Adults

Your Business

Keeping your business secure is important – whether it’s an online business, a bricks and mortar business or a little of both – and there are so many things to consider. This article will focus on how to keep your business secure online.

Practice Smart Email Management

It’s tempting to use free email accounts like or to manage your email but you really should upgrade to Google For Business, or upgrade your to Yahoo Small Business so that you can get a secure email along with an email address.

If you want to be sure that you stay secure, you can also use something like Office 365 and Outlook. If you process a lot of data such as medical information and need to be HIPPA compliant, you should look for something like

Use Secure Project Management Systems

Using a project management system instead of email to handle all the work that you do with your team and clients, is actually more secure because there is less of a chance for strangers to hack into it and get your information. Continue reading

Periodically, if you want to boost your profit you can do so by simply plugging money leaks. It happens to all businesses eventually; they find they’re wasting an enormous amount of money on something they even forgot they were spending money on in the first place. This can happen to all kinds of businesses, whether bricks and mortar or solely online.

Forgetting about Recurring Memberships

We all do it. We see an awesome service that is recurring and we buy it. It might be a magazine, a podcast, a membership for content or anything else that we pay for but do not use. If you use it, then it’s worth it. If you don’t, it’s a money leak.

Don’t assume that you should just get rid of such a service, though. Try to remember why you signed up and if it’s still a good deal, put into your calendar time to use the products and/or services provided by the membership. If after 90 days you still aren’t using it, cancel it. Continue reading