Internet Marketing for Older Adults

Doing what matters is so important that it literally determines if you’ll succeed or just spin your wheels and go nowhere. The world is full of people who are always busy and doing things that’s supposed to take them places… but they have no results to show for it.

It always seems like they’re not going anywhere but they can’t wait to get there. The reason for this is that they mistake activity for work. For example, if you want to lose weight, what really matters is that you workout and watch your calories.

Reading a ton of nutrition books, spending hours on YouTube picking up diet tips and joining a gym will not make you lose weight. What really matters is the training and what you’re eating.

That’s really all it is… and so many people don’t get it. They overwhelm themselves with too much information without taking the right action. The 5 tips below will tell you exactly what you need to do to actually succeed.

3 Tasks a Day

Don’t make a list of 275 things to get done. That’s enough to overwhelm anyone. Start with just 3 tasks… and it must be 3 important tasks. If you’re trying to lose weight, the 3 tasks might be a 20 minute stamina workout, intermittent fasting for that day and sleeping early so that you get sufficient rest.

All you need to do is do these 3 tasks. That’s it. If you did them over and over, you will reach your weight loss goal.

Don’t give yourself too much work such as studying blood type diets, seeing if the Jupiter is in alignment with Mars so that your chakras will be activated during your yoga session, etc.

All levity aside… focus on just 3 important tasks a day.

Doing Just Enough to Be a Little Uncomfortable

You must be challenged in order to grow. If you’re trying to build a business online, that may mean writing 2,000 words of content a day. Once you get used to creating this much content with ease, you may wish to push yourself a little and aim for 2,500 words.

You want to be making gradual progress. Over time, you’ll be amazed at how it all adds up.

The same applies to your fitness. If you can only run for 10 minutes on the treadmill, that’s ok. With each workout, try and increase the duration by 20 seconds. The difference will be a little uncomfortable but it won’t be so bad that it scares you.

Make measurable progress in reasonable time.

Do the Most Difficult Task First

It’s human nature to do everything else but the most difficult task. You might decide to rearrange your desk or sort out your folders in your computer when what you really need to do is analyze the statistics in your advertising account.

The mind tries to escape the difficult tasks. Your job is to do them first. Forget everything else and just do the most difficult task at once. Focus on that. Once that is complete, it’ll be a weight off your chest and the rest of the lesser tasks will be completed with ease.

Activity and Work are Two Different Things

As mentioned earlier, you must know the difference. Streamline your life so that you’re only doing what matters. Do not do unnecessary stuff. Eliminate all the trivial jobs that don’t contribute to your progress.

Then you’ll have more time to do what matters.

Know When to Take a Break

Music is the space between the notes. Take short breaks every time you feel a little tired. This will keep you focused and more energetic to complete the important stuff.

That’s really all there is to it.

“Don’t tell me how busy you are. Show me what you’ve gotten done. Words don’t matter. Results do.” – Larry Winget