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Eco ConsultingThere is one green business that started quiet, but it has started taking the world by storm. Slowly but surely, the world of eco-consulting is making its mark. In fact, it has become a very lucrative business prospect. You can actually get paid to help other people reduce their carbon footprints, thereby helping the environment through other people.

What Does an Eco-Consultant Do?

An eco-consultant helps people, families, and businesses decrease their environmental impact. They do this by assessing their lives, energy usages, etc. and then write a report based on that information. The report will tell the customer how much they are using and how they can decrease usage. This information helps people reduce their environmental impact by showing them how and where changes can be made. This, in turn, can save people money as well as help them live healthier lives.

How Do You Start an Eco-Consultant Job?

There are people who have started consulting just based on their own personal knowledge and experience. As this type of business is becoming more popular, however, there are now places where you can go to learn more and get certifications to make you more official. Most of these programs are online, so you can do the classes from the comfort of your own home.

What Are Some Areas That Eco-Consultants Focus On?

There are many things that eco-consultants will help their customers with, but these are some basics that will pretty much always be touched on:

  • Electricity Usage – There are many things that can be done to help people reduce their electricity usage by 1/5 or even more. This makes a huge positive impact on the environment. What really interests most people, however, is a 20% lower power bill.
  • Water Usage – Water is another utility that most people tend to overuse. Often, this is more than just taking shorter showers. An eco-consultant helps people figure out where the majority of their usage is occurring and helps them work out how to lessen it.
  • Recycling Programs – Although most people these days have a recycle box, not everyone really knows how much they could be recycling. Or, maybe their neighborhood doesn’t have recycle pick-up, and a family or business needs to know what they can do to recycle efficiently.
  • Reducing Waste – A potential eco-consultant client may be contributing more waste to society than necessary. That’s where the eco-consultant comes in. As an eco-consultant, you would help point out these areas of waste and show them how to reduce.
  • Avoiding Toxins – Many people use harsh chemicals, especially when it comes to cleaning products that are toxic to the environment and are simply not necessary. An eco-consultant helps families stay healthy by pointing out toxins and suggesting healthier alternatives.
  • Teaching Kids – Another thing that eco-consultants can help with is teaching the next generation how to better take care of themselves and their planet. When consulting with families, an eco-consultant might take special care to show any children how they can help their family reduce their carbon footprint, which will help them be more conscientious throughout their lives.

Eco-consulting is a fast-growing green business idea that could not only help you make a living, but could also help you make a huge impact to our environmental health. Now is the time to start looking into this job, as it is growing in popularity and becoming a demand.