Internet Marketing for Older Adults

One Goal - Many PathsThere have been many changes in the way wealth creation actually works in internet marketing over the past few years. Some internet marketers will tell you to find your “one thing” and stick to it. However, for most marketers, there is no longer any one method that you can consistently rely upon to generate a viable income.  So, to cover all of your bases so that you will feel financially secure no matter how certain trends may come and go, it is best to create what is called multiple streams of income.

As I mentioned before, used to be a great way to make a killing online, but not so much now since the appearance of Kindle and Nook ebooks that can provide the same quality of information for a fraction of the cost. At one time, probloggers such as Joel Comm made a fortune by monetizing their blogs with Google Adsense ads that paid him a few cents to a few dollars (depending on the advertsier) every time someone clicked on an ad. Also, now more and more people are becoming blind to any type of text or banner ads that appear on a website. niche affiliate websites were, at one time, more profitable than they are now. The internet is now saturated with affiliate websites in any identifiable niche you can think of. And, due to the recent Google Panda (or Pig or whatever it is) updates many sites that relied on SEO (search engine optimization) have been catapulted from page one to page gazillion and one. An author may have once made a respectable income from publishing an ebook or two, but sales tend to decrease over time–especially when the content becomes outdated.

The above mentioned strategies are some of the ways that interent marketers earn money on the internet, but now it is probably most profitable to create your own digital and/or physical product in an evergreen niche that you know about. It could be time to put all of the time and energy spent on your favorite pastime or hobby to good use by publishing a guide on how to build that perfect cat condo or what it takes to create the best quiche you’ve ever tasted. Whatever you know and love is where your very own riches could originate.

Sure, go ahead and build that blog and/or website, sign up to be an affiliate for other products and services that you know and rely upon or just happen to like. I personally don’t recommend becoming an affiliate for any and every offer that comes along. It is prudent to only represent those that you know are useful and valuable and credible. I personally have not bothered with Adsense since nowadays the paychecks are not what they use to be, and Google can decide at any time to cancel your account if they feel you have abused or misused the service in any way (i.e., by accidentally clicking on the ads on your site one too many times!).