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Recycled Clothing BusinessAlthough it might sound surprising, recycled clothing businesses are actually quite lucrative. There are many benefits of opening and running a recycled clothing business, and many different methods of doing so.

Perks of a Recycled Clothing Business


If there is one thing that people will always need, it is clothes. Running a second-hand or other recycled clothing business is recession-proof, if only because people need clothes and love getting great deals. People always shop at these kinds of stores, in good times and in bad, so there is always business to be done.

Low Overhead

Depending on the size and location of your store, recycled clothing stores often have lower overhead than other types of stores. Clothing, once it is cleaned and hung up, is pretty low maintenance and recycled clothing is typically fairly cheap to obtain.

Environmentally Friendly

Owning and running a business based on any kind of recyclable items or material helps our environment. It helps cut down on waste in a big way, especially when you consider how much waste and pollution many factories that create the fabrics and dyes for clothing produce.

Ideas for Recycled Clothing Businesses


A consignment-type store allows the products to come to you. So basically you are letting other people produce the clothing to be sold, and then you get paid when those items are bought. Consignment stores typically have very unique items, which makes them popular. You can also market your store as a specialty consignment store; for example, you can carry only children’s clothes or only men’s clothes.

Buy/Sell/Trade Stores

Stores where people can sell or trade their gently used clothing as well as purchase are getting more and more popular. Having a business like this can also help you keep up with current trends and styles while still keeping your stock completely recycled.

Thrift Stores

People shop at thrift stores everywhere for all sorts of items. From interesting household items, to furniture, and yes, clothes, you can find just about anything in a good thrift store. Lots of thrift stores focus mostly on clothing and have a smaller stock of other items.

Vintage Marketing

One way to have a recycled clothing business that is super-trendy and popular is by selling vintage clothes. Now, just because clothes are old does not necessarily make them vintage. A vintage clothing shop is going to sell items that are going to be stylish and trendy specifically because they come from another era. For example, you might find that vintage prom dresses and vintage band t-shirts will be quite popular, and lucrative.

A recycled clothing business has many benefits that might make it the perfect business opportunity for you. Combined with the popularity of second-hand clothing stores everywhere, the low overhead and easy maintenance of one of these businesses might really appeal to you. Check out stores in your local area to see what is available, and maybe even look around for some really great finds.