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Sustainable Event PlanningFrom big birthday parties to weddings and more, event planning seems to be a booming business that just keeps getting better. People and business alike will always have events to plan, and who doesn’t like helping make peoples’ dreams come true? Event planning is also an excellent opportunity to introduce a great chance to promote more environmentally friendly events to your area.

Not only is a sustainable event planning business an easy sell to customers everywhere, but it is also easy to accomplish. Here are some ideas to start with for a sustainable event planning business:

Reusable Linens

Instead of using disposable napkins and throw-away table linens, exclusively offer reusable linens. They are easy to wash and maintain, and they will cut down on an amazing amount of waste.

Deluxe Dishware

Use only reusable dishes as well. This means everything from flatware, to cups, to plates. Not using disposable dishes can do a lot of good for the environment, and can save you money as well.

Sustainable Materials

You can use sustainable materials for fabrics, props, flooring, furniture and more. There are many materials, such as bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton that can be used for almost everything you need. These materials are also likely to be of great quality and last longer.

Recycled Materials

You can make a point to use recycled materials for all of these items as well. This will save you money on top of being environmentally friendly.

Bring Nature In

There is almost no better setting for an event than the great outdoors. You can throw your events in great outdoor locations, or bring the outdoors in with great nature-inspired decorations.

Loving Lights

Use environmentally friendly and long-lasting LED lights to brighten up your events. They may cost a little more initially, but they will last longer and light up better than any other option.


When cleaning up during and after an event, make sure to keep your trash, recyclables, and compostable material all separate. You can use, sell, or donate compost to many farms and other organizations to be reused.

Fresh Fare

When planning an event that involves food, choose local catering that focuses on the use of fresh, local produce. The meals will likely taste better than any other option, and you will be doing the environment and local economy good.

Conscious Cleaning

After a great party there is always a lot of clean-up. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners and instead use all-natural and eco-friendly cleaning products exclusively.

Dedicated Decor

There are a vast number of ways that you can make recycled and natural décor look perfect. You can use leftover wine bottles for vases and lighting projects, potted plants as decoration and favors, and reusable chalkboards for signs and place cards. The ideas are literally endless, and will give your business that touch of creativity that will set you apart.

These are just some of the many ways that you could turn a simple event planning business into a sustainable, Earth-saving business. Even better, with so many reusable and recycled elements, you can cut your overhead down exponentially.