Internet Marketing for Older Adults


Social Media Trends to Be Aware OfIt’s important for smart business owners to be aware of trends across social media in order to stay abreast of the best way to use social media to improve business. It can be hard to know what the next best thing is, but there are trends happening now that you can keep an eye out for. This will help you to stay aware so that you notice when change is coming and aren’t taken off track by continuing old methods that don’t work. Some noticeable trends happening now are:

Mobile Device Proliferation

Because people are buying up mobile devices and using them more often for social media than in the past, most social media companies are designing for mobile first. This is why it is important to be involved in responsive mobile design yourself for all your online real-estate.

Let Go of Automation

Well, not all of it, but do be aware that social media is by its very nature supposed to be social. If you’re using too much automation, people will start to ignore you, and soon only the bots will be reading tweets. Stay social; use automation sparingly. Continue reading

You have to start somewhere....…so why not start here (or right where you are at, actually)?!? One of the first things you need to do is to think about how you want to do internet marketing. Do you want to work it as a full time job, or as a sort of recreational pastime or hobby, or somewhere in between. Write down your thoughts and list some of the things you would like to accomplish with your efforts–such as a full time income or just to supplement your existing source; to market you own products whether they be physical or digital;  to blog to your hearts content sharing you lifetime of experience, knowledge and wisdom; to market the products of others by being an affiliate or drop shipper; to become the next big thing on YouTube by creating a viral video; or do a combination of two or more of the above suggestions.

When you have a good idea of where you want to go with your internet business, it is time to educate yourself on how to accomplish your goals. Continue reading