Internet Marketing for Older Adults


While the benefits of SEO are obvious, the path to success seems shrouded in mystery – especially if you want to achieve top search results for multiple keywords.

We live in a “microwave society” in that we tend to have little patience and want to see immediate results with anything that we do. However, SEO requires long-term goals and does not respond well to a “hurry up” mentality. Trying to achieve results overnight is simply impossible. A shift in mindset is required in order to reap the full benefits of SEO. One must not think of SEO as a daily task to be completed, but a daily habit. Certainly, there are elements that can seem task related, but overall, SEO requires your constant attention and effort to be successful.

The Potential of SEO

Of course, the goal of any SEO campaign is to achieve organic search results in on the first page of a search engine. The problem is that only a very few can achieve that goal. There are plenty of examples of those, through their efforts, that have achieved that goal. But one must remember that you can only get out of it what you put into it. Continue reading

Despite the fact that SEO has been around for a while, there are still a few commonly believed myths that continue to be passed around. No matter how great your effort, these myths are not going to help you increase your search placement.

Myth 1 – Organic vs. Paid Search

There are many people who tend to either focus on SEO for organic search results or paid advertising for traffic because they don’t believe that the two methods can work together. A rare few seek a balance between the two.

In 2013, Resolution Media, one of the largest search agencies in the world, and Kenshoo, a digital marketing technology company, created a white paper for Hewlett Packard (HP) entitled, “The Search Sandbox: Paid Plays Well with Organic.” They were able to determine that running paid advertising in conjunction with organic search results provided a positive value.

“This research puts to rest the controversy over running paid search advertising for brands that have strong organic coverage, said Aaron Goldman, chief marketing officer at Kenshoo. “Our study shows that visitors arriving from paid search are more profitable than those arriving from organic search, even when you take into account traffic acquisition costs.” Continue reading

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