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10 Snapchat Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should FollowSnapchat is growing very fast. More and more brands and businesses are getting onto the platform. New users are often confused on whom to follow on this platform, which is because it is difficult to find people worth following the first time you get onto the platform. However, if entrepreneurship or startups are your thing, then you will greatly benefit by following these 10 accounts on Snapchat:

Justin Kan

Justin Kan is a well-known entrepreneur in Snapchat. He is also the founder of Justin Kan doles out lots of startup advice and growth strategies which can be of great use to entrepreneurs.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is the CEO and Founder of Vaynermedia, which is a New York based social media agency. Gary provides lots of leadership as well as growth marketing advice. He also offers a close-up view of the daily life of an entrepreneur and investor. Continue reading