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Video Marketing

Ten Tips for Creating Better VideosThe truth is, just getting your videos out there is an important accomplishment. You do not have to worry about perfection to use videos for marketing purposes. But, well thought out videos that have been edited to look at least semi-professional and are easy to look at and hear, get better results than those that aren’t. Here are ten tips for improving your videos.

1 – Have a Plan

What is the end result of the video that you want to create? If you understand what you’re doing going in, it will be easier to keep on task and develop an effective call to action.

2 – Write an Outline

You don’t need to write down verbatim what you plan to say, but if you have an outline you can at least check off the topics as you remember to talk about them.

3 – Get a Decent Camera

A good camera will enable you to do a lot of clever things, but believe it or not the camera on an iPhone is sufficient… as is your webcam on your laptop if that’s all you have. But when you can afford it, get a nice camera to make better videos. Continue reading

Nine Ways to Add Video to Your Marketing StrategyVideos are a great way to improve your marketing results. When you realize that YouTube is the really the second most powerful and most influential search engine behind Google Search, then you know you need to add video to your marketing strategy.

1 – Share Announcements

A fabulous way to get started with video is to add exciting announcements to your blog using video. Announcements can be made quickly with your webcam and the microphone that comes with your computer.

2 – Add Customer Reviews/Testimonials

Ask your customers to make video testimonials or do product reviews for you. It’s a great way to add interesting content to your website, social media, and other networks.

3 – Add to Your Email Campaigns

You can actually include videos embedded into your emails with a play button, or include a link to the video inside your email with a description of the video you want your list members to watch. Continue reading