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Video Marketing

Eight Ways to Optimize Your VideosMarketing with videos is an important part of content marketing today. It’s also a very effective form of online marketing that gets huge results. Your audience is more likely to share a video than a text blog, and much more to comment on it and interact with it too. But, if you want your videos to be found it’s important to understand how to optimize them. Here’s how:

1 – Create Keyword-Rich Titles

The keywords should be within the first three words of the title and should be an accurate depiction of what is included in the video. Don’t try to be clever with your choices of a title so much that it’s confusing. Instead, just be accurate and use words that will help your audience find your video but also create something that is catchy and interesting.

2 – Use Well Thought Out Descriptions

Whether your description is a blurb before you post the video on your blog or social media, or a blurb under the video on YouTube, it’s important that your descriptions are well thought out. They should include what the video is about and consider exactly what the search engines will pick up from the description and display. Make sure you include keywords in the description. Continue reading

Is Video the Future of Content Marketing?Some people say video marketing is the “new” marketing of the future but if you think about it, we’ve really come full circle. First marketing started out as print material, then we started adding images, and then we used sound on the radio. When television came about, we started putting our pictures and text via the sound of voiceovers on the television in the form of advertisements.

The internet started out largely text based. Then we started experiencing audio through audio files like .wav files, and finally the technology allowed for images. And now due to fast internet speeds and upgraded technology like tablets and smartphones, we can watch streaming video from anyplace with the ability to receive the information digitally.

So really, video isn’t anything new. But, because of the fact that the internet is getting faster and it’s getting easier for people to enjoy streaming video, it’s just a matter of time before video becomes more important than text-based content. Text based content will never be replaced entirely, but the split will more than likely even out.

Just because we had ads on TV didn’t stop us from having ads on the radio or in newspapers or magazines. The same will hold true with the internet. There will always be a variety of forms of content, as well different types of advertising and marketing mediums. Continue reading