Internet Marketing for Older Adults

Weekly Webcasts

It may seem crazy, but not only should you love webcasts and do them as often as you can – audiences love them too. Even if they don’t watch live, they love watching them. Hence the popularity of sites like YouTube, Blab, Periscope and others. Here are the main reasons why they are so popular.

They Feel Connected with the Host

When people become your fan, they want to see you in every way that they can, be it on a webcast or in person. Take advantage of that and be where your fans want you to be, so that you can build better relationships and make more sales.

It’s Easier to Understand Difficult Topics

Many people learn better with visuals, and video can help with that. If you’re teaching a difficult concept, being able to show examples, really talk to your audience, and answer questions on the spot makes the topic a lot easier to understand.

They Find It Interesting

Audiences overwhelmingly find webcasts more interesting than blog posts, articles, and other forms of content. They are more likely to interact with a webcast, make comments, and participate than they are a blog post. Continue reading

Webcasts are very popular right now with the advent of the video-centric software that is available today. Webcasts can be live or on demand. You can do webcasts using software like Facebook Live,, and more. All you have to do is have an idea, and then perform that idea. Here are some tips on how to make your webcasts the best they can be.

Keep Them Short

No one wants to watch a two-hour live webcast, even weekly. More than 30 minutes may be too long. Get to the point, make the time you spend with your audience valuable to them, while focusing on the message and keeping it short and sweet.

Show the Insider’s View

If you have a live event coming up, it’s great to show them some of the preparation and behind-the-scenes stuff you have to do. Whether it’s getting the lighting right or working on the sound, this is valuable information for your audience. Continue reading